Do You Really Need Badminton Shoes?

You just started playing badminton and are wondering if you really need badminton shoes or if you can use your old running shoes. After all, they are both sneakers, right? WRONG! Keep reading to learn more about the differences between running shoes and badminton shoes as well as whether or not you can use indoor court shoes for badminton.

Why Badminton shoes is important?

Badminton shoes are important because they provide the player with the necessary grip, support, and comfort to play the game. Badminton players need to make quick movements during the game and so require a shoe that is comfortable and helps them move easily. I remember going for my first training with normal sports shoes and straightway my trainer informed me to wear badminton shoes from the next training session.

The right shoes also helps in preventing injuries by providing good ankle support. As I started playing badminton regularly, I realized the importance of good badminton shoes, and investing in a good pair of badminton shoes has helped me improve my game. Not only do badminton shoes help protect you from serious ankle injuries, but the grips also give you an edge over your competitors.

What is the Difference Between Running Shoes and Badminton Shoes?

The main difference between running shoes and badminton shoes is the support and cushioning. Badminton shoes have less cushioning than running shoes because they are made to be lightweight and provide maximum ankle support to prevent rolling your ankle when making quick stops and starts. In addition, badminton shoes have non-marking soles so as not to damage the playing surface.

Can I use Indoor Shoes to play Badminton?

While indoor court shoes have the non-marking soles that are necessary for playing badminton, they do not provide the ankle support that is essential for this sport.

In addition, indoor court shoes have more padding than badminton shoes which makes them heavier and less comfortable to play in. For these reasons, it is best to invest in a good pair of badminton-specific sneakers.

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If you are serious about playing badminton, then you need to invest in a good pair of badminton-specific sneakers. Badminton sneakers provide the ankle support and lightweight comfort that you need to excel at this sport. So, next time you are at the store, make sure to pick up a pair of badminton shoes for specific badminton practice! Your ankles will thank you later.

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